Gyro Stabilized Weapon Mount

Given the Indian conventional combat as well as security environment, of short, high tempo operations, as well as asymmetric CI/CT scenarios, the most effective configuration for a small arms weapon mount is the configuration to be a Gyro-Stabilized crew served weapon mount that includes Situational Awareness & Mission Flexibility of a basic weapon mount, along with the accuracy of a remote-control mount, at a very affordable cost of ownership.

While it must be stable and steady when fired, an unstable target can make targeting difficult for both shooter and shooters who are moving themselves. Accuracy and precision are critical to avoid casualties as well as to preserve resources.

GSWM is a new category of actively stabilized locally controlled crew-served weapon mounts. Unlike simple gimbals, ASP actively corrects for platform motion in pitch, roll and yaw. Accurate delivery of ordnance has been a high priority for the Navy and acquisition of technology to ensure accuracy and increase of effectiveness of weapons is a high priority for every armed force.

Benefits Include

  • Accuracy
  • Reliability / Availability
  • Situational Awareness
  • Collateral Damage
  • Target engagement time
  • Gunner Protection
  • Target Neutralization Time
  • Overall cost of Ownership


  • Maritime
  • Vehicle mounted
  • CUAS Kinetic Option


Crew operated manual and remote systems which can be bolted on to the existing mounts.


Can be installed on small, mid-size or big warships or a military vehicle.

Enhanced Accuracy

The system is compact and easy to install and considerably enhances the firing accuracy saving valuable ammunition.


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