Counter Drone

    ATHENA’s counter drone solutions combine best-in-class sensors to secure vulnerable airspace and effectively address specific threats. The CUAS-EW solution can jam controls, video and navigation of any drone which use commercially available radio systems using ISM and HAM, including but not limited to 433 MHz, 915 MHz, 2.45 GHz, 5.8 GHz.

    Our solutions come in three configurations:

    • Handheld
    • Mobile
    • Fixed

    ATHENA’s CUAS-EW solution provides the most cost-effective first line of defence in the fight against intruding UAVs. Proven technology with several deployments globally, our offering of the mobile and fixed systems can be customized to address different ranges of detection and blocking, whereas the handheld system has certain parameters.

    To understand more about the range of detection and blocking, contact us.


    We serve a wide range of markets and applications using our sophisticated technology and backed by our team of industry experts. We understand the nuances that come with each industry and can resolve specific challenges faced by our clients, including in Oil & Gas, Power, Military, Aviation, Civil Infrastructure, and building High-Security Facilities and Smart Cities.

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