Oil Refinery


One of the largest refinery and petrochemical complex in South India wanted to enhance the security of its facility with a perimeter of over 17.5 km and over 20 drains. While most of the perimeter had a boundary wall with concertina coil, there were sections where the structure of the wall was weak and the customer needed to ensure that no unlawful entry could be attempted by even breaking the wall, without proper alerts being raised.


The OFC-based intrusion detection system was configured to detect intrusion over the boundary wall and laying the OFC on the wall in a particular pattern, to detect any attempts to enter the perimeter by breaking the wall. Since there were over 20 drains, ATHENA fabricated and for the first time, designed, developed, and implemented an OFC-based Drainage Intrusion Detection System (DIDS) in India. The key highlights of the system are as follows: -

  • Detection for anyone climbing the wall and tampering with the fence.
  • Detection of wall breakage
  • Protection of drains, using customized DIDS grouted into the perimeter wall.
  • System integrated with command and control to pinpoint the location of intrusion.
  • Software-defined zones with varying sensitivity in each section based on requirements and user feedback.


The geographical area of the facility is prone to very heavy rainfall which made the installation work very challenging, especially the fitting of the drain grills into the perimeter wall. However, the benefit was that the customer was able to monitor the system in various climatic conditions and provide a satisfaction report. This refinery is now protected with a robust and versatile security solution tailormade to its requirements.

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