Drainage Intrusion Detection System

    Drains are non-standard openings across many perimeters and provide an easy means for ingress and egress into the facility. While several mesh type systems exist, they are easy to penetrate and do not provide sufficient time for the response team to reach the site location.

    ATHENA offers a customized, high-performance Drainage Intrusion Detection System using standard single-mode OFC cable that can be put into a hollow metal drain.

    Our custom drains use SS-1206 galvanized steel along with a corrugated SS hose inside to which the OFC cable is connected. This grill is mounted on the wall or grouted inside, depending on the location and availability of space and types of materials used in the wall construction.

    Any attempt to tamper with the grill – cutting, hammering, over-end explosive will cause an alarm, providing the operator with the correct location of the tampering. Larger grills have features for an opening for cleaning, especially for the removal of debris that may have accumulated due to the environment.

    Our Fiber Optic Sensing controller is connected to the backbone and is connected to one or more drain grills in the control room.

    Primary Segments:

    • Military facilities
    • Borders
    • Airports & seaports
    • Power plants
    • Oil & Gas storage & refinery facilities
    • Ordnance factories and ammunition depots
    • High-value critical asset
    • Rail yards, metro yards, weapons storage facilities – small perimeters


    We serve a wide range of markets and applications using our sophisticated technology and backed by our team of industry experts. We understand the nuances that come with each industry and can resolve specific challenges faced by our clients, including in Oil & Gas, Power, Military, Aviation, Civil Infrastructure, and building High-Security Facilities and Smart Cities.

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