Power Infrastructure

    The Real-Time Thermal Rating/Dynamic Cable Rating (RTTR/DCR) enables companies to operate power lines including transmission and distribution networks at maximum efficiency and higher voltages without compromising on the safety standards.

    Traditional static rating-based systems, which are based on probabilistic methods, tend to assume the worst-case scenarios, and provide simple and conservative estimates of network capacity. As a result, the system is operated significantly below capacity or is overloaded leading to ageing and failure.

    On the other hand, the RTTR/DCR systems use real-time data from real environmental conditions and loading to provide information on system capacity/thermal headroom and indicate which areas are stressed or underutilized. One of the key components of RTTR/DCR is Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) using the OFC cable. The temperature of the power cable can be measured continuously using DTS.

    Primary Sectors: Power Transmission and Distribution


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