Combination of sensors for advanced threat detection.

Multi Sensor Threat Detection

Crowded places with an unhindered public movement have become easy targets for terrorist attacks and other unlawful activities. Such places require the most advanced screening solution that can be carried out quickly, at a low cost and with minimal interruption to the normal flow of commerce. ATHENA’s multi-sensor threat detection system can automatically scan crowded areas, operates at a distance allowing security personnel reaction time and detects mass casualty threats at a distance with high accuracy. Its compact size also enables deployment in many different locations and application areas. It is one of the very few technologies that can screen both people and their carried bags simultaneously for the presence of both metallic and non-metallic threats. As it can scan up to 4-metres width, it does not create bottlenecks.

The solution components include mm Wave Radar, targeting camera, LiDAR, management control software, client workstation and NVR.

Principal of Operation

The area to be secured is precisely mapped out utilizing radar, video screening and LiDAR. It fuses this multi-sensor data set and creates a unique, highly accurate 3D-spatial world, identifying and tracking all objects within the spatial multi-sensor view. Using AI, the system can be used to identify any object/area of interest.

The radar sensor is mounted on a gimble that is integral, high speed and can pan and tilt. It is capable of scanning objects in less than a second. The software fuses data from video content analysis and location data from LiDAR, steering radar to scan subjects. LiDAR sensor is used to identify targets, which is a must have in high-density applications.

Primary sectors/markets:

High-sensitive facilities like critical Government installations, VVIP Residences, Stadiums, Religious sites, Airports, Military bases, Naxalite areas, schools, and universities etc.


We serve a wide range of markets and applications using our sophisticated technology and backed by our team of industry experts. We understand the nuances that come with each industry and can resolve specific challenges faced by our clients, including in Oil & Gas, Power, Military, Aviation, Civil Infrastructure, and building High-Security Facilities and Smart Cities.

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