Power Sub Stations


A major power generation and distribution company with over 83+ substations spread over a densely populated metropolis was looking for a security solution to prevent theft and unauthorized access. Each of the substations presented a challenge because of its location close to a high-density population, heavy traffic road and public movement, leading to the theft of copper and other materials. Further, each of the perimeters was short and irregular. Also, the substations did not have the kind of security manpower like the ones in a larger critical infrastructure facility.


Since the perimeters were relatively short (< 2kms on avg), it was decided to implement a simple but robust OFC-based solution that was cost-effective yet powerful to identify any type of intrusion activity. The system was integrated with other sensors and with lights and hooters to deter any intrusion into the substation. The key highlights of the solution implemented are as follows

  • A simple and robust OFC intrusion detection system
  • Two zones were created for each substation, with cameras for visual verification
  • A binary system- no false/nuisance alarms
  • The system was integrated with cameras, hooters, and floodlights to deter any intrusion attempt, monitored at the local sub-station level.
  • All sub-stations (>83) were integrated to a central C2, with 24/7 monitoring and capable of sending quick alerts to local law enforcement agencies.


A cost-effective and robust solution for critical substations located in a densely populated area. The system is easy to operate and maintain and is well integrated. Using OFC cables ensured that there was no impact due to EMI, which would make any Electric Fence system susceptible to failure due to the flux from high-tension wires. ATHENA has designed, supplied, trained customer technical personnel in commissioning and certified site installations to ensure a high level of effectiveness of the solution.

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